Selections 2017

Hardy Kiwi Arctic Beauty

Fragrant or Korean Abelia (Abelia mosanensis)

Hardy Kiwi Arctic Beauty

Gold Cone Juniper (Juniperis communis ‘Gold Cone’)

The Cary Award Program is administered by:

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The Cary Award

For 20 years the Worcester County Horticultural Society and Tower Hill Botanic Garden have been extolling the virtue of outstanding trees, shrubs, groundcovers and woody vines for cultivation in zone 5 gardens through the Cary Award program. Beginning in 1997, and with the aid of the northeast’s foremost plant experts, the Society has awarded over 57 plants it’s highest honor. These plants are specifically chosen for their pest and disease resistance, are hardy to at least zone 5, are available in the nursery trade, and provide extended, or multiple seasons of interest. The award winner can al be seen at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden, headquarters of the Society, where they are integrated amongst the inspiring gardens.

The Cary Award is a program to promote outstanding plants for New England gardens. Named in honor of Shewsbury plantsman Ed Cary, it highlights home landscape plants that have proven their performance in New England.

Any person may nominate a plant they think is worthy of receiving this award. The award is given to the plant, not the person nominating it.

Purpose of the Program


Award-winning plants are advertised with promotional materials made available to participating wholesale and retail nurseries and garden centers.