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Donald Wyman Crabapple
Malus 'Donald Wyman'

Crabapples make a lovely and stunning addition to the home landscape, but unfortunately many of them are host to myriad diseases.

However, the Donald Wyman Crabapple is highly resistant to such problems.

The flower buds, which come in May, are deep red at first, then turn pink, then finally white when they fully open. Its flowers are very showy, and the "snowstorm" that comes when the petals drop is something out of a fairy tale.The show continues into fall, as the glossy red crabapples that form persist into winter, and provide a beautiful feature.

This tree will reach an ultimate height of about 20-25’.It will grow best in a heavy loam, but again needs good drainage and slightly acid soil. Full sun produces the best flowering.

Hardy to Zone 4.