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Magnolia 'Elizabeth'
Magnolia 'Elizabeth'

Ornamental tree, up to 30'.
Large, fragrant yellow blooms, late April through May

No ordinary Magnolia is she. Large, fragrant, golden yellow blooms are her claim to fame, occurring here in late April and continuing through most of May. This is a very hardy tree, but the blooms, like those of most early blooming magnolias are susceptible to late frosts. Elizabeth is a robust grower and will reach heights of 30’, a product of her parentage as she is the result of a cross between the Cucumbertree Magnolia (M. acuminata) and the Yulan Magnolia ( M. denudata).
Large glossy green leaves, of heavy texture, unfurl after the flowers have faded and obscure the smooth gray bark. The bark is revealed again in late autumn when the leaves have carpeted the ground. The smooth bark is pleasing enough in the winter but the furry buds, add to the winter silhouette. This was one of the first yellow magnolias to hit the horticultural market, introduced by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in 1978, and named after Elizabeth Scholz, former director.