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White Pine 'Soft Touch'
Pinus strobus 'Soft Touch'

3’ tall dwarf conifer
Full sun

Pinus strobus ‘Soft Touch’ beckons in all seasons –demanding a pat to it’s soft, tousled head. Soft blue needles, 5 per bundle, with a slight twist grace this 3’ tall dwarf conifer. It is a slow grower and will attain it’s mature height after 15-20 years.
‘Soft Touch’ is a selection of our native white pine made by Dr. Sidney Waxman, famous for his selections of dwarf conifers. Dr. Waxman collected seeds and cuttings from many witch’s brooms, and particularly those from white pines. Numerous fine cultivars have come from his careful selections and this is one of the finest.

It is appropriate in both large and small landscapes, and provides solid beauty year round.