Winners 2006

Weeping Katsura Tree

Japanese Umbrella-Pine

Best used as a specimen, the Weeping Katsuratree prefers rich soil and plenty of water when getting established. Not commonly bothered by pests or diseases. Hardy to USDA Zone 4.
Weeping Katsuratree
Cercidyphyllum japonicum
"Morioka Weeping

This deciduous tree is beautiful year-round. The 2-4” bluish-green leaves are reminiscent of Redbud (Cercis) hence the botanic name Cercidiphyllum meaning “leaves like Cercis.” The leaves flutter in the slightest breeze, thus giving the effect on this weeping form of a shimmering waterfall. Native to China and Japan, this cultivar will reach an ultimate height and width of about 25-30’. The leaves turn a beautiful, earthy shade of orange and yellow in the fall, and exude a sweet scent when they fall, some describe the fragrance as reminiscent of caramel.