Winners 2006

Weeping Katsura Tree

Japanese Umbrella-Pine

The “Wintergreen” cultivar, named by the late Dr. Sydney Waxman of the University of Connecticut, was chosen because it retains its lustrous green color through the winter months. Hardy in USDA Zones 4-8.
Japanese Umbrella-Pine "Wintergreen"
Sciadopitys verticillata "Wintergreen"

The thick, waxy needles of this most unusual tree are reminiscent of the spokes of an umbrella, hence the common name. It is an evergreen conifer, native to Japan, where it is considered a sacred tree. It has survived for many thousands of years, in fact coal miners in Japan sometimes find “grass coal” which is the result of the compression of Umbrella-pine needles. It is slow-growing and elegant, ultimately reaching a height of 30’-60’ in cultivation.It forms a dense, sometimes multi-stemmed, pyramid, and prefers a rich, acidic soil, protected from winter winds.