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Rhododendron 'Olga Mezitt'

Dwarf River Birch

Rhododendron "Olga Mezitt"

"Olga Mezitt" is reliably hardy to zone 4 and, in addition to its abundant floral display in spring, it provides lustrous green, aromatic, disease resistant foliage in summer. The leaves deepen to coppery-burgundy shades in winter months providing interest all year long.
Rhododendron "Olga Mezitt"
Rhododendron "Olga Mezitt"

This is a tried and true, small-leaved, early rhododendron that ushers in spring with bright clear pink flowers with interiors freckled with deep red spots. Flowers occur in early May. Grown in full to partial sun in good garden soil, 'Olga Mezitt' will reach 4-5' tall and 3' wide in ten years. This highly prized Weston Nurseries (Hopkinton, MA) introduction is named for the wife of Peter J.Mezitt, whose name is memorialized in Rhododendron 'PJM'.

Rhododendron "Olga Mezitt" detail