Winners 2008

Fragrant Sumac

Golden Hinoki Falsecypress

Three Flowered Maple

Acer trifolim

In the winter months the warm glowing tan and umber bark flakes and peels in vertical strips, providing an interesting winter aspect. Full sun and rich, well-drained soil will contribute to the best growth and fall color; plant in full sun or filtered shade. Avoid excessively wet conditions. First introduced into cultivation in 1923, this unusual maple is still under used, perhaps because propagation is challenging.

Hardy to Zone 4.

Three Flowered Maple
Acer triflorum

A small tree well suited to modern landscapes. Among its fine attributes are outstanding bark, disease and pest resistance, and intense fall color. Hailing from Manchuria and Korea, this compact tree makes a distinctive rounded specimen growing 20-30' tall and wide. Its common name comes from the clusters of three greenish-yellow flowers which occur in spring. The flowers, which are inconspicuous, are followed by typical maple-like winged samaras. The clean green foliage, in leaflets of three, is pest and disease free and casts a dense shade beneath the tree. Autumn and winter bring on the attributes for which the tree is usually grown – leaves turn brilliant hues of orange, red, yellow and purple. Unlike most trees and shrubs, Three Flowered Maple will exhibit beautiful, though slightly subdued, autumn color even in the shade.

Acer trifolium detail