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Fragrant Sumac

Golden Hinoki Falsecypress

Three Flowered Maple

Rhus aromatica 'Gro lo'

The cultivar ‘Gro Low’ was introduced by Synnesvedt Nursery, Glenview, Illinois. Yellowish flowers occur in May. In the species, male catkins and female flower clusters may occur on the same or separate plants and unfurl before the shrub leafs out. ‘Gro low’ is a female cultivar and is graced with clusters of red berries which may hold well into the winter if not devoured by birds and small mammals. Plant ‘Gro Low’ in full sun and well drained soil to bring about the
best growth.

Hardy to Zone 3.


Fragrant Sumac
Rhus aromatica ‘Gro Low’

Large-scale ground cover with pest and disease resistance, fruit for birds, and fabulous fall color. In leaf it looks similar to Poison Ivy with its glossy trifoliate leaves, but it is non-vining and (fortunately!) without the irritating oil that causes blistering and itching. Mature plants grow 18-24" high and up to 8' across. Spreading by rooting suckers, it eventually forms large colonies making it suitable for holding steep slopes. Fragrant Sumac is native to eastern North America.