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The Boxwoods

Boxwood green Gem

The Boxwoods
Buxus sp.

The Boxwoods remain consistently green throughout the year. They can be trained as a hedge, topiary or a specimen that you can rely on to stand up to winter conditions, shrug off deer, and provide decorative greens during the holiday season. The Sheridan Hybrids, selected by the Sheridan Nursery in Canada, are especially admired for their sturdiness in Zone 5 - never burning or discoloring. They also remain compact. They are the result of crossing Buxus microphylla var. koreana (known for compact form and hardiness) with B. sempervirens.

'Green Mountain’ forms an elegant pyramid, 3-4' wide by 5'+ tall. ‘Green Gem’ is a very slow growing compact form well suited to low hedges. It will slowly reach 2' tall and 2' wide. ‘Green Velvet’ is intermediate between the two, topping off at 3' tall, forming a nice green globe. Like most boxwood these hybrids are not immune to the boxwood psyllid, a tiny insect that causes cupping in the leaves. The psyllid eggs overwinter under the protection of the bud scales. When they hatch in early spring they feed on the young leaves resulting in the cupped effect. Since the damage is strictly cosmetic, control is unnecessary in most situations.

Hardy in Zones 4-8.

Buxus Green Mountain

Buxus 'Green Mountain'