Winners 2015

‘Rohan Obelisk’ European Beech

Japanese Clethra

Wisteria Betty Corning


‘Rohan Obelisk’ European Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Rohan Obelisk’)

‘Rohan Obelisk’ European Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Rohan Obelisk’) is an upright, enduring tree of great beauty and form, creating a dramatic focal point in the landscape. They are upright and narrow, eventually reaching 50’ tall and 10-15’ wide, and are adorned with beautiful, deep maroon leaves throughout the growing season. Hardy to zone 4; these durable trees are seldom bothered by pests or disease; and increase in beauty as they mature. The richly colored leaves with undulating edges are superb spring through fall. In winter the smooth gray bark and columnar form bring a satisfying beauty to the winter landscape.

Use this plant to draw the eye to a particularly beautiful point in your garden; to flank and define a path or entry; or simply to provide lush color in the summer or dramatic structure in the winter season. Plant in full sun and a good garden soil for strongest leaf color and best performance.