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Fragrant or Korean Abelia

Gold Cone Juniper

Dawn Redwood


Gold Cone Juniper
(Juniperis communis ‘Gold Cone’)

Gold Cone Juniper (Juniperis communis ‘Gold Cone’) adds a wonderful, colorful accent to northern landscapes. This evergreen conifer (cone- bearer) forms a tight spire which reaches to 8’-10’ tall, and remains a mere 18”-20” across. When the new growth emerges in the spring it is a lovely bright yellow green – a color which settles into a soft green as summer wears on. Use in full sun positions where it’s tight form can be used to draw the eye to it. It needs very little fussing to maintain it’s tight form though it can splay open in heavy snow, exposing the twiggy and brown interior. To help avoid this plant it away from overhangs or rooflines where sliding snow could impact it. This species of Juniper occurs around the world in northern regions, and is generally tolerant of tough conditions once established. Its short, sharp needles bear a single white stripe – a bit harder to see on this colorful version. Small blue cones occur on female plants (there’s no way to know if you have a boy or girl ‘til you see fruit). The fruit is not enormously showy but interesting, and useful. They are often called juniper ‘berries’ and have been used to flavor gin, as a flavoring for strongly flavored meats, and for medicinal purposes so this plant can be come part of your utilitarian landscape and viewed as more than just a pretty face. ‘Gold Cone’ was discovered in New Zealand and introduced into the nursery trade in 1980 by Kordes Nursery, Bilsen, Germany. Hardy to USDA Zone 3.